Thursday, August 7, 2008

Non-profit firing practices

What's this I hear that non-profits can fire you for no reason and tell you it's the "right to fire" clause? In other words, the company has the right to fire you but they don't have to tell you why? SINCE WHEN??!! If there have been no counseling sessions telling me that I'm not meeting my numbers, quotas, etc, and no written or verbal warnings, no corrective action plans implemented - guess what? YOU WILL TELL ME WHY I'M BEING TERMINATED - AND - I WILL SEEK LEGAL COUNSEL - AND - PROBABLY SUE YOU FROM THE GROUND FLOOR TO THE TOP FLOOR!!! What kind of stupid business practice is this? This recently happened to a friend of mine and my advice is to: write a letter of protest to the CEO of the project, cc to the board of directors, the funding sources and since this happened in NY which now has a Black governor, I would cc him also. I would go to the labor board and to whatever organization has oversight over non-profits. And if it looks like folks are giving you the runaround, go straight to the media, TV, radio and print. Don't take this quietly. And if I'm not mistaken, you have the right to see your personnel record. Do what you have to do - and then tell them what they can do with the job!!!

Anyone else know of similar situations? What happened and what was the outcome?