Friday, July 25, 2008

Black in America

Have you been watching the Black in America series on CNN? Powerful. I watched the episode last night that focused on Black men and the problems they face-the drug epidemic, especially crack cocaine-and the difference shown to whites busted for cocaine possession and Blacks busted for crack possession, Black baby daddies, who are absent from their children's lives and how women have learned to live without them, the whole issue of how educated young Black men are teased and considered "acting white" if they get an education and strive for the American dream and the disproportionate number of Black men in prison. It was a very good program but these kinds of shows always leave me angry. How dare white America condemn anyone for being different when none of us had anything to do with our color, etc. How dare white America try to make me feel inferior when they spend millions of dollars trying to get a tan, dreading their hair, stealing our words, our family remedies (which they market back to us as medicine), dancing to our music, eating our food and when they couldn't/wouldn't nurse their own children during slavery, we nursed them but they would still sell us and our children for a couple of dollars. Forgive the soap box. I agree with Obama. We must unite but sometimes old wounds open unexpectedly. This was one of those times. We are not without responsibility either. Cosby and Poussaint are right. Come on People!!!

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