Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not a Penthouse!

It seems that Bernie Madoff wants out of his little cell. Wants to go back to his bazillion dollar penthouse apartment to await sentencing. His attorneys said he would not be a flight risk. I guess not. Didn't he have to wear an electronic bracelet? Besides, the press was camped outside his apartment night and day. Get Real!! How about if all his assets are sold to repay the people who lost their money dealing with him? Of course, if it were you and me, the little people, we would have been so far in the jail that they might not be able to find us. I'm not gloating but it's time for some justice. Last night's news showed one of his victims, who has to work for $8.00 an hour after losing about $700,000 to Madoff - and he is 90 years old!

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