Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enough already

Is anyone else tired of the doom and gloom in the news? It is so depressing. In a 30 minute news program, the first 20 minutes is who shot/stabbed who, who was the hit-and-run victim, who got raped/robbed, which politician/sports figure/rapper acted like an ass, how many more people lost their jobs/homes, how many of our soldiers died in bomb attacks, which movie star, etc died, etc, etc. If you were visiting from another planet and turned on the news, you would probably call in your alien troops to fight us all!

Is anything good happening in the world? You wouldn't think so. After 20 minutes of doom and gloom, there is weather, sports and a 5 second story on the dog who was rescued from the well he fell into.

Not only does the negative story run all day but then it is repeated on the weekend. Is it fair to the family to relive several times during the week how their loved one was killed. When September 11 happened, my young grand daughters thought buildings were collapsing all over New York because the collapse of the Twin Towers was shown over and over. And if the visual is not bad enough, then we get to hear the 911 call from the person trapped or being attacked or whatever.

I have stopped watching the TV news and recommend that we all do the same. (I stopped reading the papers long ago.) If you have cable, you can probably program your remote to select what you want to see. If not, just turn the sound down until the weather, sports and animal story comes on.

Don't worry. If you are online, you still will know what's happening in the world. You won't miss out.

I am not advocating living in a vacuum but enough is enough of the "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality of the news media. If we stop buying or watching, they will change their approach.

How about more stories like the woman who saved her house by selling apple cakes which she called Mortgage Apple Cakes? (I'm financing my retirement by selling ReRum Cakes. Re for retirement, rum for 100 proof rum.) How about looking for someone else who is saving their home in some creative way? How about someone who is turning the negative of job lost into the positive of whatever they are doing? How about some success stories taking up the first 20 minutes of the broadcast?

It's time for a revolution. Enough already.

Life Tip: FEAR is false evidence appearing real.

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MysticDiva1 said...

I agree, enough already with the gloom and doom news. Let's get back to the happy news were human interest stories and good news were the headliners. We are in the midst of interesting economic times, and need as much encouragement as we can get. Let's get back to the news that highlights the best of who we are and not the worst. In this day and time, where the economy is headed into uncharted territory, a season of good news, filled with the hope and resiliency of the human spirit, is a welcome addition and long overdue.
Submitted by Angela Chester