Saturday, September 6, 2008

How to handle a pit bull!

OK people. Let's stop tiptoeing around the issue. Palin, you said the only difference between a soccer mom and a pit bull is liptstick. And the news media, instigators that they can be with their tales of woe, think the Democrats should be worried and that Biden should tread lightly. To HELL with that!!! First of all, a female dog is a B-t-h. Second of all, there are a couple of things you do with all dogs: if they are rabid, you put them down, otherwise, you train them as to who the pack leader is and make them get in line. (Check out the Dog Whisperer.) The pack leader is Barack Obama. My advice to Joe Biden-do what you always do: shoot from the hip and apologize, if necessary, later. No kid gloves for you, Miss Thing. As is said in the 'Hood, "You ain't so bad, you can't be had." If you are so bad, Palin, go out and tackle the press, the same press that you have already angered. What are you afraid of? And stop trying to act like you are on the same page as Hillary. She can beat you with blindfolds on and both hands tied behind her back. You can't hold a burnt candle to Hillary. By the way, you don't seem to understand protocol either. The 2nd in line is supposed to ECHO what the leader is saying, not create their own agenda. If you had an agenda or some issues to talk about, you would not have spent your first night up ranking on your opponent and the press. And as one young lady said (same age as your daughter), how can you handle the country when you obviously couldn't handle your own home. And why are you under investigation? Handle your own business before trying to handle this country. Let me break it to you, not so gently: you will never get into the White House as VP. Give it a rest.

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