Thursday, October 9, 2008

Palin's poison

For all of you racists, rednecks, unintelligent believers in the poison coming from the Republican campaign, let me point out some things.

First of all, no one chose their color before birth. And White folks spend billions of dollars risking skin cancer to "get a tan". In order words, to turn BROWN!!!

Second, no one picks their name with the exception of some who changed their name to be more acceptable in this country. Barack Hussain Obama was given his name by his parents. Be for real. How stupid can you be? That's his name. Get over it.

Next, as I heard someone say, this Black man was in the belly of a WHITE woman for nine months. Get to that, ignorant people.

And finally, there probably would be no America as we know it if it weren't for the "colored" people who built this country. This country was built on the backs of colored people: Black/Brown slaves, Yellow Chinese who built the railroads and Red Indians who were taken off their land, THIS LAND, by white folks. White folks have raped this land, have raped Africa and then have the nerve to make racist remarks about Barack Obama. Now, of course, this tirade is not against all White people. Only those small minded, ignorant folks who are just being stupid, as usual.

Your racism is showing. Now the truth is coming out. GET OVER IT!!!

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