Monday, December 29, 2008

What happened to Christmas?

Have we lost Christmas somehow? Did you notice that this was an extremely QUIET Christmas even though the weather was nice? There was no noise outside. No squealing children, no dogs barkings, no sound of skate boards, bicycles, nothing. And we wonder why we are a nation of overweight children. Because they sit all day. I know I'm dating myself but when I was a little girl, the only reason you stayed inside on Christmas day was if it were raining or there was a blizzard going on. Even the girls went outside with their dolls though it was the boys making the noise. I did not see even 1 child outside this year and I left my daughter's house at 3pm in the afternoon! Come on parents. Make some changes in the lives of your children. I am not against computers and technology. My 10 and 13 year old grand daughters are proficient with computers because they have always been around them. But what happened to the bike as a gift or even a jumprope (remember double dutch)? What about skates, either blade or ice skates? The quiet was deafening and very sad. Something to think about.

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