Friday, December 5, 2008

Ponder this

My young 27 year old cousin, Kyle, died last week. The funeral was Sunday. A year ago my Mom took a turn for the worst during Thanksgiving week and died on Dec 1. Not to replay those heavy moments but I was speaking to Kyle's mom just now. She wanted to know "why?" She asked God to tell her something. As we talked, she got her answer. Someone had said to her, "you don't know what kind of pact Kyle made with God!" I never thought of that. Perhaps Kyle said he did not want to subject his friends and family to seeing him waste away in a bed for years. As hard as it was to know that he had crossed over, it would have been very difficult to see him lying in bed for months and years, not being the Kyle we knew. We don't have the final say. That's between the person and God. We may want them to stay but that is probably our own egos speaking. I know that Kyle touched a lot of people and his life, though short by our calculation, was not in vain. God is still in control. He said lean not on our own understanding. Be encouraged.

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