Saturday, February 28, 2009


News reports that teen pregnancy is on the rise. Wow!

Young men, you need to stop dropping your precious seed (translate babies) in any and every well you come across. Any male animal can produce offspring. Any human male can produce a child but that does not make you a father. And who is left with the result of that act while you move on to the next "starving-for-love" young lady? A young lady, who is a child herself, who now has a child that she and her mother and grandmother will raise.

And young lady, why is your body, your virginity so value-less to you and that young man? Why are you having sex anyway? Why are you so void of self pride and self respect that you feel you must have sex with someone, young or old, because he said, "if you love me, this is how you prove it." No! What it proved is that you fell for the same line he used on the other 2 or 3 young ladies who had his other babies. Then the baby mama drama begins.

THIS IS NOT LOVE. This is not respect. This is how many notches he can put on his belt (or bedpost.)

Young ladies (and young men). You are worth more than an orgasm (which probably only one of you experienced anyway.) Don't throw away your dreams to do or be whatever you are dreaming about. Break the cycle of single parent homes in the Black (or whatever) community. Look at the new President and his wife. Let that be your example.

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