Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Memories

Got some more great memories.

The bakery I spoke of earlier was Cushmann's. It was located on 125 between 8th and St. Nicholas Avenues and it would run circles around Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme if it were still open. All of their items were delicious: glazed donuts, jelly donuts, brownies, etc but the apple turnovers were unmatched by anyone. They were huge and overflowing with apples. They went out of business because of competition from supermarket entries like Sara Lee cakes. (By the way, is Sara Lee still around?)

Todays list just proves that I was (still am) a party girl. These 2 places still exist but with the changes taking place in Harlem, I don't know how long they will be around. I'm talking about Showman's and Lenox Terrace. Never really hung out in either but they are a fixture uptown.

I did hang out in Doral's on 7th between 145th and 146th Streets with the guys from the 369th Armory. Wild bunch of guys. Drank each other under the table! By the way, they had great parties at the Armory. All you could eat and drink and loud music. What could be better?

Another food spot was Copeland's on 145th Street. Copeland's had been around for years. Sunday brunch, good soul food. Copeland's even tried a 2nd restaurant on 125th but it didn't last long and the both stores bowed to economics (or so I heard.) Rents too high, or their prices were too high, etc.

As I was writing this, I remembered a BBQ place that was around the corner from the original Copeland's, on Broadway and about 147th St. Can't think of the name but the ribs were wonderful. So much so that I got off the bus coming home from work one day, in an unexpected snow storm (had on heels so I had to walk slowly to keep from falling) to get a rib dinner!!! Now that is some good food. And I'm sure many of you remember Singleton's BBQ. I think there was more than one but I remember the one on Lenox Avenue across from Harlem Hospital.

Let's keep this going. If you remember Harlem from back in the day, put your comments on this post. (Just wish I had pictures of all these places. Never thought they would disappear.)


MysticDiva1 said...

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This response is from Brenda's cousin Myra who used to live in NY. Thanks

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Yes. All of it except the Cushman's I know of was on 135th St and Lenox Avenue. I grow up on 135th St. Also we had a hot dog stand on 135th St and Lenox Avenue. La Famile was on 125th St. between Lenox and 7th Avenue . The best fish was on 129th Street and Lenox Avnue, The Bar-B-Que she's talking about was Sherman's Singleton Bar-B-Que was on Broadway and one on 7th Ave and 147th Street. Singleton was a Basketball player he's dead now.

Know any of this stuff...

MysticDiva1 said...

Great memories. Thanks. I do remember La Famile. Cushmann's bakery may have had more than one location. I remember the one on 125because I was in there ALL the time. The fish spot was Majester's which sadly is no more. Best fried fish in NY! Thanks for the name of the BBQ spot on Bway. You know it's good when you get off the bus in a snow storm, in high heel shoes (guess I did not get the weather report that day) to get a rib dinner!!! Feel free to add more memories.

Randy Edwards said...

Who remember Chock Full O' Nuts Cafe on 125th and 7th ave i remember they had one on 145th and 8th ave and also Pan Pan Restaurant on 135th st and Lenox Avenue., i have a picture of The Roosevelt Theater on 145th and 7th ave back in 1968 but i don't know where to post it on this site.