Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Take another stroll with me

On a lighter note, more memory lane stuff. This time I'm not just limiting this stroll to places but also TV, food, activities.

Remember house parties with colored (red) lights? Boy were they fun. And while we are at the house party, don't forget spiking the punch. My Mom used to have rent parties too. We may have to go back to those parties due to the economy.

New Yorkers will probably remember The Village Gate. Great place for great live music. Some of you may remember Honeysuckle's, a bar/restaurant on the upper West side. Interesting array of people could be found there. Food was good. Best seat in house was upstairs where you could look down at the bar. Fabulous people watching.

Another great place for food was/is Jezebel's on 9th Avenue and 45th Street. French decor including a piano and a table with a swing for seating!

Who remembers Saturday morning cartoons like Mighty Mouse, Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang? Anybody but me remember Beanie and Cecil? Wow am I dating myself.

How about some music like the Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler? What about I'll Try Something New by the Miracles?

Last but not least (for this post) is a place called Plato's Retreat. Not going to give any more info about it but some of you know what it was!!!

If you remember any of the above or have some memories to add, leave a comment. (Comment could be about anything you remember: food, TV, movies, clubs, restaurants, etc.) Would love to hear from you.

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