Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saggin' Pants

This bears another post. What is up with young men wearing their pants down, showing their underwear? Do they know what it means or even where it comes from.

Gay men say they are turned on by this because it means you, young man, want a real "booty call". A male prisoner said it means he can touch whatever he want's in that person's pants because it is advertising that this behind is available. Same thing the gay man said, just different words. Historians say this began in slavery times because, just like in prison, slaves were not given belts because they might hang themselves robbing the slave owner of income and it was also a form of humiliation. Ever try doing something while holding up your pants? We see that now. Looks stupid to me. (And you have the nerve to try to run. Be for real!)

So what are you saying, young man? You are a closet gay. Have nothing against the gay population but if that's you, be open about it and stop hiding. You are predicting that you are going to prison (or maybe you've been already.) Or maybe you are confirming that you are still a slave. Remember the experiment with the young elephant. When he is young, he is chained to a spot in his pin. He tries over and over to move but is stopped by the chain. After a while, he stops trying and guess what? The chain is removed because the owner knows he won't try to go anywhere because he thinks he is chained. So, like in the Willie Lynch speech, the enslaved perpetuate the slavery and the masters don't have to do anything except reap the benefits of stupidity. You, young man, are doing it to yourself. The height of ignorance.

And what about the young ladies who put up with this? Where is your self-esteem?

This is very serious and we need to address it immediately. Do the schools allow this? They should be sanctioned or disciplined in some way. The world is watching this and laughing at us.

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