Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The year of the ? flu!!!

Am I the only one wondering how there is a vaccine for the "regular" flu before anyone knows which flu it is? I thought the flu was "named" after it was discovered, then the vaccine was prepared and then we got the shots. Now, you can get the flu shot before anyone even knows which flu it is. (Not talking about the H1N1 flu.) So what flu is this shot supposed to protect me from? When are they going to name it? What happens if that is not the flu that occurs this season? If they already know what flu is circulating, why did they wait until now to push the vaccine?

Now if I was a conspiracy theorist I would think that something was going on. After all, sick people are a bazillion dollar business here in the US. Drugs, hospitals, doctors, health care insurance, etc. all depend on sick people. (Not well people)

I have not decided whether I will be vaccinated against either the regular or the swine flu. The last and only shot I got made me extremely sick years ago and I vowed off the shot after that.

This is just my observation. Chime in with your observations.

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