Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

Ever notice how things get worse the more negatively you speak about them? When you complain about something or someone, the situation seems to get worse. The boss that is treating you unfairly seems to continue to do so the more you talk about it. (You keep getting passed over for the promotion.) The bills get worse or the creditors seem to be more aggressive and less sympathetic the more you talk about them. The children are acting out in school. And the list goes on. You talk about how bad the situation is and sure enough, it gets worse. So you talk some more. And guess what, it gets worse than before.

Now let's reverse that. When you stay positive, things around you seem to be more positive too. When you smile art someone you are passing in the street, they smile back. You compliment someone today and tomorrow someone compliments you. The power of words.

It all depends on what you say. It sets the mood. Why? Because words have power. For those of you who believe in a Power greater than yourself, you  know that the Bible tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. God SPOKE everything into existence! What does this mean? If He spoke things into existence, and we are made in His image, we have the same power. So if you say "it's hard to find a job", "money is tight", "I'm broke", etc., then you are absolutely right.

I choose to say "I'm blessed." I choose to say "I joyfully anticipate success in all areas of my life." When greeted with, "how are you?", my answer is always, "FABULOUS!" And why not? I'm alive, feeling good, enjoying my life, working my business, visiting friends and family, in good health so what's not fabulous. My attention flows to the positive and that's what grows in my life.

Think about what you say before you say it. Go back over a day's conversations and determine if your words were negative or positive and then determine the tone of that day. Do you see a pattern?

Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows. What you focus on expands whether positive or negative. You choose which side you want to be on.

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