Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What is really going on here?

Woman throws acid in her own face and blames it on an imaginary Black woman. That's what the news story is now saying. Why would someone go to such dishonest and painful extremes to get money?

The other question is, why is blaming such a terrible act on a Black person so acceptable in this country? What does this say about our society? Clearly this woman has issues but it is compounded by the fact that horrific acts are being blamed on Blacks when no Blacks were involved. Cases in point: a Boston man kills his wife and tells police that it was a group of Black men. Police department rounds up as many Black men as they can before they determine that the husband was lying and actually killed his wife. And then there is the woman who killed her kids by driving the car into a lake with the children strapped in the back seat but says the vehicle was carjacked by an anonymous Black man. Then we find out again, that she lied.

Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like life in slavery and post-slavery when Blacks were accused of looking at white women  or some other crime and were subsequently hanged. And of course, no apology was made following the "mistake" but then the supposed "real" culprit was found and also hanged.

And the ruling class accepts this as status quo. Something is seriously wrong with our society when this is the acceptable norm. Yet, we invade other countries and otherwise get into their business and talk about human rights. Not saying that bad things are not happening in other countries but we need to clean up our own dirt before we can help anyone else clean up theirs. And as much dirt as we have to clean up, it should keep us busy enough to mind our own business.

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