Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's do this!!!

OK people. The world is watching America. Do you know why? Because they want to see if this country is really "the land of the free and the home of the brave." Can any child grow up to be President or is it just the usual hype and lies of the racist few? First of all, people of color need to realize once and for all that if someone is trying this hard to keep you down, then you must have something great to offer. Study your history, Black people. Look at the contributions of Blacks in this country. Look at the struggles. Our slavery is still present when someone can yell "terrorist" at a campaign rally and no one stops them. But get a grip, Black people. We may have been brought here against our will but this country was built on our backs. And for you Christians, "all things work together..."It was obviously in the scheme of things for us to get here. Well, we are here and have been here for a long time. Now is time for us to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park. Stop the negative talk. We have someone here who is for ALL the people. We haven't had that since the Constitution was written (probably). Stop saying Obama is not Black enough. What the hell does that mean? There's not a pure Black, Asian, Indian or white person in this country. Because the people in power were raping the women. So what is Black enough? And stop tripping over his name. Did you choose your name or did your parent(s) give it to you? White folks, stop tripping over his color. Must be good to be brown, black, yellow, red. You spend billions of dollars trying to get what we have naturally. The question is, is this the dream MLK talked about? I think so. And stop making excuses for not voting for Barack. "Well, if I vote for him, someone may try to kill him." (This come from people who call themselves born again Christians.) Whose report are you going to believe? Can the God of all creation take care of this man and those associated with him? Can He give him long life? Get out and vote for this man with the strange name who has a plan for this country. Don't believe the hype that it's in the bag. It's in the bag when you vote for Barach Obama on Tuesday. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc to vote for Obama and let's turn this country around.

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