Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Arrested for food fight!!!

Just saw story about some students who were arrested for participating and/or starting a food fight at their school. Apparently they were throwing carrots and jello. Anyway, cops were called and now the students may have a record to live down if this is not resolved.

Have we gone stark raving mad? The Fort Hood killer was giving away his worldly belongings, included his copy of the Holy Koran. Supposedly he had ties to some cleric, I believe, who was advocating terrorism - and the authorities, who we pay to protect us, knew all about this. He had also supposedly made questionable statements regarding Muslims and death. BUT NO ONE PAID ATTENTION TO THIS.

In the meantime, students are arrested for a good, old fashioned (albeit messy) food fight. A younger child is suspended at another for bringing his Boy Scout eating tool to show and tell because the school has zero tolerance for weapons. Yet a man walks into another middle/high school with a hidden gun and holds a hostage until he is talked out of doing harm. YET CHILDREN ARE ARRESTED FOR A FOOD FIGHT!!!

Something is wrong with this picture.

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