Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food, Food Everywhere!

On a lighter note but still dealing with food, this is my favorite time of the year. Love Thanksgiving. Lots of food in the house. Funny thing is, you can't eat it until Thanksgiving. Is that weird or what?

Turkey, dressing, ham, beef roast, greens, potato salad, yams, string beans, corn, salad, turnips, rice and gravy, cakes, pies, cider, alcohol.  All for one day. Can you believe it? Oh, almost forgot the mac and cheese. Not all of this is on our menu for this year.

When my Mom was alive, she did the greens, string beans, meats except the turkey and dressing which I did along with the potato salad and all the desserts. I always start my cooking on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and cook something every day ending with the turkey going into the oven at 4 in the morning. Food is falling out the fridge but we were always looking for something to eat. Sausage, tuna, chicken, franks-anything.

Is your house like that too? I have a packed freezer. So does my daughter. My son just bought over the beef roast which I will cook and take to my daughter's house. Finishing up our shopping this week and the cycle will begin again. Food all over the kitchen. Fridge and freezer full and we'll have to order out because all of that wonderful food will be off limits until that one day where we will all pig out until we can hardly breathe.

Don't you just love Thanksgiving?

Enjoy your holiday.

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