Monday, November 16, 2009

Racism by any other name

Read 4 stories on racism on AOL home page this morning! Black/White racism, British acts against poor white children of single mothers back in the day and shipped to Australia. (Don't forget Australia's racism against it's own indiginous people.) Racist symbols on holiday wrapping paper (swastika). IKEA's CEO's ties to the Nazis and his use of the N word.

Where does one group get the audacity to think they are better than others? Racism is an ugly, disgusting, gross entity. This is not a win-win for either the victims or those responsible for the racism. It's still slavery. It is still wrong. It still generate intolerance and wars. And it's stupid. Example: you hate me because I am Black and you are white but neither of us made ourselves the color that we are. Then you, the white person, spend your money trying to get brown, like me, in the summer, risking skin cancer in tanning salons. Why imitate me if I'm such a terrible being. Yet you think I'm inferior. And what about those of color, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow? Why are you buying into the lie? As I've said before, if you, whoever you are, fear me that much that you have to resort to racism and slavery, I must be pretty powerful. Thnk about that for a moment.


georgesandford said...

Hi - you were kind enough to look at and comment on my blog so I thought I would reciprocate. Like you., I abhore racism and confront it whenever people express such views. I object to the idea that white people automatically expect me to buy into their racisms because I am white, similarly, I object to the idea that I must be racist just because I'm white. I now live in Warsaw - Poland (not NY)close to the former Jewish ghetto. Nearly 1,000,000 people were killed in this city during the war. Now my wife's family in UK don't talk to her because we are 'one of them.' Racism comes in many forms and colours - it's not so black and white.

MysticDiva1 said...

Racism destroys everyone-those who inflict it on others as well as the victims. And it is taught to us. We are not born racists. So what is the satisfaction of hating someone for something neither of you had anything to do with? Sad commentary of the human race. Thanks for your comment. Let's hope we all grow up soon.