Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soul Nurturing

Great article by motivational speaker and coach, Caryl Lucas, called Soul Nurturing.

Soul nurturing is not optional or a luxury. It's a necessity!

A worn out woman, a stressed out woman, an over committed woman, has allowed her soul to become parched, withered and exhausted. For one reason or another, she has not been able to find time to renew her mind, body and spirit. She is constantly overwhelmed, irritable and sometimes feels saddened that she had lost her way...and her true identity.

Let's begin the journey of soul nurturing:

Be kind to your mind. Replace negative thoughts with loving thoughts and affirmations.
For one month, find a pleasant space to get quiet for 15 minutes and spend some quiet time with yourself. Get aligned.
Give yourself the gift of meditation to get attuned with your mind, body and spirit. Meditation nourishes the inner spirit.
Schedule time on your calendar with you and God. Pamper your spirit with prayer or finding time to welcome Spirit into your sacred space.
Discover ways to nurture your soul by walking through a park, garden or along a beach.
Re-generate your soul with music, art or dance. Relax, unwind and stretch through listening to music, visiting a museum or taking a zumba or ballroom dancing class.

You can reach Caryl Lucas at and www.mylifecompass/coachcaryl.

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